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Bluetooth Grill Meat Thermometer Wireless w 4 Probes BBQ Smoker Instant Read Smart

Bluetooth Grill Thermometer with 4 probes

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  • 🥩【Monitor Remotely】DIGITEN wireless BBQ thermometer can pair with your phone (Android or iPhone) and transfer temperature data to it, you can monitor the meat temperature at any time. No need to worry about overcooking or under-cooking anymore.

  • 😋【Food Grade Accurate Probes】4 waterproof probes are included to monitor different foods at the same time. Please make sure that the probes are inserted firmly into the Bluetooth meat thermometer. With wide temperature range (32℉~572℉), the more than 6 inches long and heat resistant probes provide safe distance to ensure not to burn your hands when you are grilling.

  • ⏲️【Smart Alarms】Use with “Smart Life” app, there will be an immediate notification on your phone once the food temperatures are out of your preset range or the set timer expires. Phone and smoker thermometer will be notified by alarms if they lose connection to the Bluetooth range (394ft).

  • 📈【Detailed Temperature Charts】Each cooking thermometer probe temperature will be recorded and created a chart. The real-time temperature chart can view your cooking results and help you optimize your cooking.

  • 🍖【Multiple Food Temperature Suggestions】There are 10 preset meat cooking modes and 5 doneness levels on the app, you can also add preference manually and set favourite tastes you need. The Bluetooth meat thermometer is suitable for everyone from beginner cooks to professional chefs.

DIGITEN Wireless Meat Thermometer with Smart APP

DIGITEN MTB-4P food thermometer equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth technology, supports you monitor your food from up to 394ft away by smart app. The grilling thermometer comes with 4 waterproof probes that can be used to read 4 types of food at once, features temperature and timer alarms allow you set a temperature range and timer for each probe, making the thermometer extremely convenient.



Short-term Measurement Range: 0℃~300℃ (32℉~572℉) 

Continuous Monitoring Range: 0℃~250℃ (32℉~482℉) 

Accuracy: ±1℃/±1.8℉

Calibration: ±7℃/±12℉ 

Refresh Rate: 2s/Time 

Monitor Range: Up to 394ft 

Probe Length: 6”

High Accurate Probes

All 4 waterproof stainless steel probes of the meat thermometer feature a wide temperature range with a highly accurate sensor enabling you to monitor any type of meat temperature changes and ensure the optimal temperature and taste.

Alarm and Timer

The alarm will be triggered when the food temperature reaches your preset temperature or when a timed reminder is reached. No need to worry about overcook or undercook with the cooking thermometer.

Bulit-in Magnet

The wireless grilling thermometer can be sticked on the grill or smoker, easily and conveniently read the temperature. Be careful not to place the BBQ thermometer in a high temperature place or heat source.

Connect with Your Phone

  1. Download "Smart Life" App from Google Play or App Store.

  2. Register and sign in before using the App, turn on your phone's Bluetooth.

  3. Press and hold the meat thermometer power button for 3s to turn on it (don't plug the probes until you pair your phone and meat thermometer).

  4. Click "Add Device" on the App to connect the Grill Meat Thermometer. Then click "Done", the meat thermometer will be paired successfully with your phone.