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Reptile Temperature Controller with Timer, Day-Night Thermostat, 3 Outlet Timer Thermostat

It is suitable for Grow Tent, Incubation, Snakes, Fish Tank, Heater, humidifiers, Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragon Tank

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  • 🦎🍄 Timer thermostat for reptiles, 3 plugs outlet can work independently. Integrated design with day/night temperature and timing control, which can meet the physiological needs of temperature, and lighting for reptiles, amphibians, or plants. 

  • 💡🐦Unique design, reptile-friendly design. Raising snakes, lizards, ball pythons, chameleons, corn snakes, tortoises, bearded dragons, and frogs need a controller like this, which can customize the time and temperature of your pet, control the lighting time, control the temperature, and scientifically raise reptiles. 

  • 💡🐢 It is suitable for heating or cooling equipment, controlling light time. temperature control. Socket with time control to manage your aquarium or reptile terrariums to control your ceramic heat lamps, heat mat, UVA lamps, UVB lamps, incubators, fans, A/C, heat sink, blower, and heater to Simulate the natural environment. 

  • 🔥❄️Multifunctional thermostat with timer. This day/night temperature controller with high and low temperature alarm, timing function, time cycle function and temperature calibration function, support ℃/℉. 

  • ✨🌡️Dual Probes make two timer temperature outlets that can work individually separately, each supports heating & cooling. With two waterproof temperature sensors, you can set different temps to control different areas, such as with 2 heat lamps/mats for 2 different zones or 2 different kinds of tanks. Applications are more flexible.


  •  Power Supply:                        100-240VAC 50/60HZ

  • Max current :                       10A per outlet

  • Temperature Control Range: -10~120℃, 14~248℉

  • Temperature Accuracy :       ±1℃, 1℉

  • Sensor Type :                       Waterproof NTC Sensor

  • Power Cable Length:         1.4m (4.6ft)

  • Sensor length :                       2m(6.56ft)

Packaging includes:

  • 1 x TTC1003 Temperature Controller

  • 2 x Temperature sensor

  • 1 x Manual